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Dear Friend, I had the pleasure of spending a few days in Venice, and found it to be an absolute wonderland. During a bit of down time there, Jake and I decided to film a little music session. So, I pulled my borrowed ukulele out of my pack, tried desperately to do something with the mop of travelers hair that was on my head, we chose a quiet alleyway and turned on the camera. The result is the video to your left. It's by no means an official video, but it was a fun way to spend a late afternoon, and a fun way to remember our time in such a magical place. I do hope you enjoy it! Ciao!

Read about the history of annie and her delectable here for the bio

Annie's music is as diverse as it is charming, sweeping you away to sunny shores and European bistros with songs like "Creme de la Creme" and "Bribe me with London", and then diving deep into the heart with songs like "Woe to the Woman" and "I'm Sorry."

Born to a family of very successful musicians, Annie grew up between a music and art-saturated home and a tour bus. Guitars and pastels took the place of Barbie, and of that she is eternally grateful. Annie began writing songs and performing at the age of five. She spent much of her time backstage at her parents' concerts, imagining magical worlds, napping in guitar cases, and playing with plastic dinosaurs. Since then she has become a great fan of leg warmers, and has developed an uncanny magnetization towards ice creme. All of this comes out in her music and produces a lovely blend of old and new, sunny and soulful, unique and classic.

Her songs, scribbled with undertones of humor, wit, and relevance, have taken her everywhere from mega-churches to mining town bars. With with no real marketing until recently, she receives hundreds of online hits each day, and has a steadily growing fan base. Annie's candid songs and demeanor have been connecting her with people and audiences from all over the the country and the world, building her a strong loyal fan base. She credits her purpose and inspiration to write to her fans, and hopes to inspire them in return. She has sold thousands of CDs, and people from across the globe are in love with Annie's music, and charmed by her outstanding performances.

This summer, Annie recorded her newest album, "June", and eclectic, pop/rock collection new original songs, which was realeased on September 11th, and is available for purchase on, and on iTunes.